What's in a Name with Rachel Lane of From Another

Julian Wright

A vintage shop’s name can tell a lot about its story: You can tell whether they’re going for eclectic and offbeat or evoking images of sophistication and luxury. The name of Rachel Lane’s shop, From Another, strikes right to the very heart of vintage. 

“Every single thing you get is from another person, it could be from another person from another place from another time,” said Rachel. “When you think of things like that, it kind of gives it a story. It has a background. And if it's from another, it's kind of like a gift in a way.”

Before From Another got its name, it was Flutter Bum Vintage, a shop where Rachel mainly focused on selling clothes on Depop. A little history: flutter bum is a term from the 1950s describing a man with good style.

“When I saw something cool and unique, I had to get it,” Rachel said, explaining how she initially got into selling vintage clothes. “And so I used that as my outlet to buy and share stuff so I didn't necessarily always have to keep it.” After exploring shops in Portland, she decided to transition into also selling home goods. Then the pandemic hit and Rachel decided to channel her professional marketing skills into From Another. 

Thrifting is the real joy for her. “It's always been an outlet for me, always. If I'm in a bad mood, I'm going to go to the thrift store. If I am excited, if I just have a day off, I'm going to go to the thrift store.”

Taking inspiration from other sellers, Rachel spots unique objects she knows people are excited to buy. Beyond what’s trendy, she has her own eye for the things that she loves. “I honestly don't have a particular vision when I go out. I kind of just get the stuff that I wouldn't mind keeping,” she said. 

The curated selection seen on From Another’s Instagram proves Rachel’s love for unique objects that could find a spot in any home where originality is welcome. The items she’s listed range from a yellow smiley face mug to crystal candelabras, hinting at the lives these objects might have lived in another time or another home. As for Rachel, her dreams are placed in the idea of an independent studio space where “creators come to create,” as she put it. 

“I'm hoping to eventually be able to have a solid ground space to do that. But until then we've got Instagram.”

Julian is an independent contributor at Dendwell.
Photography by Rachel Lane
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